This website has been designed and built to meet the highest standards of accessibility and usability.  In particular, it conforms with the technical requisites contained in the Ministerial Decree implementing the "Stanca Law" on the accessibility of institutional websites (Law 4/2004 "Measures designed to facilitate access to electronic media for users with disabilities").

Making a website accessible means allowing everyone to make full use of the content, information and services that it offers.  Thus access to the services and information is also extended to users whose disabilities demand special technology or configurations.
Where audio-visual content is concerned, the website offers text equivalents providing users with the same information as that provided by the non-text content.

All images are provided with an alternative description under the "ALT" function (alternative text).  Rather than being mere captions with comment on the images, these descriptions are in fact a fully-fledged alternative to those images.  They can be read with technological aids for visually handicapped or blind users.
 The video descriptions on the website include soundtrack comment for the hard-of-hearing or deaf, while subtitled versions of most of the videos are available either at once or within a very short space of time.

Our policy decision to make the wealth of multimedia content on the website both accessible and usable may entail a certain drop in the quality of some of the images, especially in terms of the segmentation of video material into clips lasting no more than one or two minutes.  The obvious advantage of this method is that it allows also users with slow Internet connectivity to download the clips faster, and it allows all users to more accurately target the video material that they wish to view.  However, it may also entail a certain loss of definition.  We hope that our readers will bear with this minor inconvenience and agree with us that, far from betokening any lack of concern for their needs and requirements, it actually shows our commitment to ensuring that as wide a readership as possible can usefully access the website.

In order to increment our standards and guarantee a high level of accessibility, any feedback regarding the aspects dealt with in this page are appreciated.