What is it?
RSS (acronym for Really Simple Syndication) is a format based on XML language that allows the dissemination of web information content.           

In this section you can consult or register with the "news", the first available information section on the site.  The others will follow as and when their contents are structured.  The service can be accessed automatically either directly, if you're using one of the more recent browsers, or via specific programmes (commonly known as "aggregators", "feed readers" or "newsreaders"), some of which are free while others have a cost.

How do I use it?
RSS feed aggregator programmes are usually very easy to customise.  For instance, you can automatically check to see whether the author of the RSS feed to which you subscribe has updated the feed, and periodically download the updates.  That way you no longer need to access your "favourite" websites to find out if they're carrying anything new, because the aggregators do it for you by highlighting the information updates, usually giving you the headline, the subhead, a short description and the link to the full story on the relevant website.

How to register
To register with a feed, just right-click with your mouse on the RSS tab, choose the "copy link" option and paste the link into your RSS aggregator.       

Most recent browsers (e.g. Mozilla Firefox 2, Internet Exploret 7) already include a reader.  You just click on the RSS icon.  This will allow you to consult the content directly by opening a new page, where you can also subscribe to the service.  If your browser is not compatible with RSS feeds, there are numerous readers that can be installed either on your desktop or on your browser, and many of them are free.
The service is free and does not require registration, but you do have to be on line to use the service.


Link to feeds available:

open RSS News



*These are some of the readers available on line:

Google reader is an online application for consulting rss feeds

Feedreader3 is a simple application to install for reading desktop feeds

For an updated list of currently available feed aggregators, please consult: (in English)