Italy's Year at the Helm of the G8 Comes to an End

L'Aquila Summit 2009: a detail of the venue's setting-ups As 2009 draws to a close, Italy's stint at the helm of the G8 group of countries has reached its conclusion. It has been a year packed with meetings and initiatives that culminated in the Summit in L'Aquila in July, when the heads of state and government leaders of the G8 countries met and debated with over 30 delegations, making for a total of 40 participants ranging from the G8 member countries themselves to the countries in the G5 group, the countries in the MEF (the Major Economies Forum), the member countries of the African Union, the international organisations and a host of other countries invited by the Italian Presidency. With the start of 2010 the presidency now passes to Canada, which will be organising meetings at the ministerial level and hosting the G8 Summit in the region of Muskoka, in Ontario, in the summer.

The Baton Passes to Canada: The Muskoka G8 2010 Gets Off the Ground

Canadian G8 Logo

31/12/2009  Canada's tenure of the G8 presidency is about to begin: the 2010 Summit is due to be held in Muskoka, a spectacular region of central Ontario rich in lakes, picturesque towns and villages, and beautiful natural scenery. The symbol of the Canadian G8, a pine tree with windswept branches yet whose trunk is solidly rooted in the rock, perfectly embodies the spirit of the region.

All the Official Documents of the 2009 G8 Summit

Italian G8 Logo signed by the Eight World Leaders

31/12/2009  The official documents of the G8 Summit under Italian Presidency, which was held in L'Aquila from 8 to 10 July 2009, can be consulted in the pages of this website by clicking on "Summit Proceedings" under the "Summit" menu. The documents can be consulted and/or downloaded in Pdf format in the original English version and, where applicable, also in the Italian version.

A Year With the G8 Website: Over Half a Million Consolidated Visitors, and Millions of Hits

30/12/2009  More than 536,000 consolidated visitors, peaks running into millions of hits during the three days of the Summit in L'Aquila, over 180 news items published, 26 official documents explained and commented on, 48 HD photo galleries and 25 video galleries:  these are but a few of the figures regarding our website in 2009, the year in which Italy has held the G8 duty presidency. The photo galleries and news items are the sections that have attracted the highest number of visitors.

G8: A Year With Italy at the Helm

The Main Conference Hall, L'Aquila G8 Summit 2009

30/12/2009  A year is drawing to a close that has been marked by intense hard work on numerous issues at the heart of the international debate such as combating the worldwide economic crisis, imparting a fresh boost to international trade, fighting climate change, promoting development in the world's poorer countries, guaranteeing food safety and security, ensuring access to water, health, the struggle against terrorism, and peace and cooperation amongst peoples and nations.

The latest compliance report from the G8 Research Group is now available

The released G8 Research Group compliance Report examines various themes and monitors their status in the agenda of each country. A team of 150 analysts from the Munk Centre for International Studies at Trinity College in the University of Toronto and from Moscow School of Economics.

The new, updated version of the report put together by the G8 Health Experts' Group entitled "Promoting Global Health" can be found in the "Summit Documents" section

The new report, as planned for the end of 2009, updates and implements an earlier document which was disseminated in the course of the G8 Summit in L'Aquila in July.

Progress report on the implementation of the St. Petersburg Principles on Energy Security out

The paper, which is entitled: “St. Petersburg Plan of Action: Global Energy Security – IEA Evaluation of G8 Countries’ and the European Commission’s Progress on the 7 Key Action Areas” is out, in the English-language version alone, and may be consulted, printed and downloaded in PDF.