Ministerial Meetings

Here is the calendar of ministerial meetings held in the year in which Italy holds the G8  Presidency. 

The meetings will be taking place throughout the year and will address specific individual issues such as foreign affairs, financial affairs, trade, justice, security, the environment, agriculture and labour.


February 13/14 - Roma
G7 Finance Ministers' and Governors' Meeting

March 29/31 - Roma
G8 Labour Ministers’ Meeting - G8 Social Summit

April 18/20 - Cison di Valmarino (Treviso)
G8 Agricolture Ministers’ Meeting

April 22/24 - Siracusa
G8 Environment Ministers’ Meeting

May 24/25 - Roma
G8 Energy Ministers’ Meeting**

May 29/30- Roma
G8 Justice and Home Affairs Ministers’ Meeting

June 11/12 - Roma
G8 Development Ministers’ Meeting*

June 12/13 - Lecce
G8 Finance Ministers’ Meeting

June 25/27 - Trieste
G8 Foreign Ministers’ Meeting



Last updated: 24 June 2009

*Competence of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

**Competence of the Ministry of Economic Development