Prime Minister Berlusconi Addresses the Press Conference Winding Up the Social Summit

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Speaking at the press conference winding up the G8 Labour Ministers’ Meeting, Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi referred to the crisis’s impact in terms of unemployment and enlarged on the conclusions of the G8 devoted to labour issues, which he would be taking to the upcoming London G20 and to July’s G8 Summit on La Maddalena. Berlusconi concurred with the overall line that had emerged from the meeting and said that governments had to look after people first of all, help people who lost their jobs and maintain social cohesion. Another point that the Prime Minister endorsed was confidence in the future, which the public had to be able to regain. The Prime Minister went on to emphasise that a modern state could not ignore workers’ welfare at times of crisis. In conclusion, Berlusconi repeated his rejection of protectionist policies, which "do damage” to the economy.