All the Official Documents of the 2009 G8 Summit

Italian G8 Logo signed by the Eight World Leaders


The official documents of the G8 Summit under Italian Presidency, which was held in L'Aquila from 8 to 10 July 2009, can be consulted in the pages of this website by clicking on "Summit Documents" under the "Summit" menu.

The documents can be consulted and/or downloaded in Pdf format in the original English version and, where applicable, also in the Italian version.

In addition to the Chair's Summary , which is the Italian Presidency's final summary document, the proceedings are divided into two categories: Declarations, and Reports filed by the various Groups of Experts. The Declarations (or Statements) are political documents signed by the heads of state and government leaders at the end of the debate, while the Reports are papers put together by Groups of Experts charged with conducting in-depth studies relating to specific items on the agenda.

The proceedings are subdivided not only by category, but also in chronological order in relation to the time they were signed and disseminated in the course of the three-day Summit in L'Aquila.