A Year With the G8 Website: Over Half a Million Consolidated Visitors, and Millions of Hits


In the course of Italy's year at the helm of the G8 over 180 news items have been published on this website, fully 30 in the three days of the Summit alone. The website has also hosted 26 official Summit documents, with explanation and comment; 48 photo galleries, with 678 HD photographs freely available for use by journalists and by the general public (fully 23 out of the total number of 48 photo galleries were published between 8 and 10 July alone); and 25 video galleries, with 69 videos. During the Summit proper, a web television service called G8TV was set up to provide all visitors to the website with live coverage of the Summit's highspots, or with the option to select recorded footage for viewing. Fully 22 videos were put on the site in downloadable format in the immediate aftermath of the events they depicted.

The G8 website has been accessed by over half a million consolidated visitors, hitting a peak during the Summit in L'Aquila in July, when the number of visitors fell just short of the 150,000 mark. The latter figure refers to "single absolute visitors" and is this purely indicative. It should in fact be multiplied by at least 1,000, because the website registers systems comprising as many as three or four thousand computers as a single visitor (given that the signal emitted by their networks on entering the wordlwide web shows a single IP address). The multimedial galleries and news pages are the sections of the website that have attracted the highest number of visitors over the year.

The photo gallery that attracted the highest number of visitors was the G8 group photo, while the most successful video gallery was the one devoted to La Maddalena: the way it was, the way it is today and the footage showing the work done on the original venue for the Summit. Second and third place in the photo galleries went to The New Summit Venue at L'Aquila and the Final Meeting of the G8 respectively, while the original venue topped the video gallery charts again with the presentation video and the animation of the new G8 Logo in second and third place.

The news item that attracted the highest number of readers was the announcement of the L'Aquila Summit Agenda.  This was followed by the item on the news conference in Naples, in the course of which Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi introduced the Summit to the media.  Third in the news item charts was the announcement that the cabinet had given the green light to the G8 Summit being held in Abruzzo.