Italy's Year at the Helm of the G8 Comes to an End

L'Aquila Summit 2009: a detail of the venue's setting-ups


As 2009 draws to a close, Italy's stint at the helm of the G8 group of countries has reached its conclusion. On 1 January 2010, the presidency of the Summit and of the entire G8 process will move over to Canada which will be hosting the Summit of Heads of State and Government Leaders in the spectacularly beautiful region of Muskoka, in central Ontario, next summer.
Italy's year at the helm of the G8 has been packed with meetings and initiatives, with nine Ministerial Meetings, and numerous seminars and conferences on issues of international importance.  Above all, the Italian presidency culminated in the Summit in L'Aquila in July, where the heads of state and government leaders of the G8 member countries met and debated with over 30 delegations, making for a total of 40 participants ranging from the G8 member countries themselves, to the countries in the Group of Five (the so-called G5 group), the countries in the MEF (the Major Economies Forum), the member countries of the African Union, the international organisations and a host of other countries invited by the Italian Presidency.

Now Canada's G8 presidency is set to get under way with the start of 2010, and the Canadian presidency has already announced its first Ministerial Meeting which is to be held in March.