The latest compliance report from the G8 Research Group is now available

La sede del Munk Centre for International Studies

The G8 Research Group has released its compliance report on the progress made by the G8 member countries in meeting the commitments issued at the latest summit. Halfway between the last G8 at L’Aquila and next Summit in Muskoka, Canada, this Report examines various themes and monitors their status in the agenda of each country. A team of 150 analysts from the Munk Centre for International Studies at Trinity College in the University of Toronto and from Moscow School of Economics.

The Report evaluates again Britain as the most committed country,  while Canada falls to third place and is replaced on second by Japan. The G8 Research Group classifies the other governments – following criteria of preparedness and receptiveness -  at their usual place: the United States and the European Union keeps the fourth place, followed by Germany, Russia, France and Italy.

A compliance of commitments on safety – including the fight against terrorism – gave good results. Same good results on such themes like fighting climate changes, biodiversity and energy supplies. On the other hand, G8 countries present a poor reception on economic and financial themes, including re-launching International trading and development.

The G8 Research Group Report