Second day’s talks at the L’Aquila G8

A detail of the Main Conference Hall

Climate change, world trade and imparting fresh thrust to the Doha Round negotiations are the foremost international issues on the agenda for the second day of the L’Aquila Summit. The G5 countries - Brazil, China, India, Mexico and South Africa – plus Egypt will also be taking their seats around the table today. The five emerging economies already met yesterday for a working session parallel with the G8 proceedings and paving the way for today’s meeting with the eight major world leaders.

The MEF (Major Economies Forum), a ‘format’ devoted to talks on climate and energy issues, will also be meeting today, attended by the G8, the G5, Australia, the Republic of Korea, Indonesia and Denmark, the country that is to host the UN climate conference next December.

The proceedings will open at 10.00 am with the meeting between the G8 and G5 countries and Egypt on global issues and development policies for the poor countries. It will be followed by a family photo then, from 12.30 to 2.30 pm, by a working session on global economic growth to be attended by the international organisations as well.

The World Leaders will be meeting the youngsters from the Junior 8 in the afternoon, from 2.30 to 3.00 pm, when the girls and boys representing the G8 and G5 countries and Egypt will be bringing their recommendations on the major issues on the Summit agenda to the leaders’ attention. The afternoon will continue with the MEF sessions.

The official dinner hosted by Italian President Giorgio Napolitano will be held in the evening.

The first ladies will also be in L’Aquila today, where they will tour the centre of Abruzzo’s capital and the exhibitions set up in the Guardia di finanza campus in Coppito on Italian spheres of excellence, Italy’s earthquakes and the artistic masterpieces salvaged after this latest quake.