MEF Statement on the Economy and Climate Change

The meetings in MEF format have approved the statement by the leaders of the Major Economies Forum countries on energy and the climate change issue, which has been described as one of the major challenges of our day.
Reasserting the targets and principles set out in the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change and citing the statement adopted in Toyako, Japan, in July last year, the MEF leaders have agreed C02 emission reduction targets setting out to halve them by 2050, and a commitment to restricting global warming to 2 degrees Centigrade. Particular attention must be paid to the poor and developing countries, which must be brought into the process of fighting climate change, not least via aid that fosters their development and the adoption of environment-compatible technologies.
The MEF leaders have restated their intention of meeting again, at the UN Climate Change Conference Copenhagen in December, to travel further along this same road.