G8 Summit Conclusions on Food Security

The Leaders of the 40 States and International Organizations have approved the L’Aquila Initiative on Global Food Security. Their objective is to invest 20 billion dollars in 3 years to encourage  rural development of poor countries. Initially the funds invested amounted to 15 million dollars.
The decision has been subcribed to by all of the countries represented in L'Aquila, as well as the G8 and G5 countries, Egypt,  Australia, South Korea, Indonesia, Denmark, The Netherlands, Spain, Turkey, Algeria, Angola, Ethiopia, Lybia, Senegal, and Nigeria, along with the African Union and all of the International Organizations.
The Leaders have further promoted the development of a Global partnership focused on Agriculture and Food Security with the objective of prioritizing the importance of Agriculture  on the International  agenda, launching  new investments and improving  the efficiency of aid  programs and regional coordination by involving all the partners.