Have your say on the G8

The summit venue’s move to L’Aquila sends out a strong message of being in close touch with the public, one that is drawing the world’s attention to the areas hit by the earthquake on 6 April. In line with this approach adopted by the Italian G8 presidency, which fosters opportunities for contact and participation among the Italian and international communities, the Civil Protection Department is offering readers the chance to take part in the first public opinion poll on a G8 site.
It sets out to bring the world institutions closer to the man in the street, thereby also creating a useful observation post for gathering views on the event and, over time, on the main summit issues.
If you wish to take part, all you have to do is fill out a completely anonymous interactive questionnaire.  The interim findings may be viewed by all the surfers who have completed the questionnaire, whereas the final results will be published on the site at the end of the poll.

The poll, opened on 8 July, is on:

Role of the G8 and Governance
G8 Online Survey Results